The Skating Club of New York 1863 Society

The 1863 Society was established by the Skating Club of New York in 2018 to commemorate 155 years of service to the New York, United States and world skating community. During that period, the club has been home to tens of thousands of New York-area recreational and competitive athletes, developed hundreds of national champions, administered thousands of US Figure Skating test sessions, and hosted hundreds of competitions and exhibitions. In addition, the club each year devotes tens of thousands of dollars to: direct scholarships for its up-and-coming and elite skaters; subsidized “club ice” for its members; and financial assistance for its teams.

All this costs money – more than the organization receives from competition fees, membership dues and test fees. To bridge the gap, we sell spirit wear, conduct auctions and host occasional fundraisers. Our 150th year gala in January 2014 was a wonderful example, one which enabled us to increase substantially our commitment to the SCNY athletic scholarship fund.

The 1863 Society is a cumulative honor roll of anyone who has made a cash donation – however small – to the Skating Club of New York and its non-profit, community-based mission.

Whether you skate on club ice sessions or at club rinks, compete in SCNY competitions, are a part of one of our Synchro teams, are an alum, or just a fan of SCNY, we hope you and your family enjoy what the club has to offer, and that you will consider adding your name to our precious community of donors. We are grateful for and humbled by your support.


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SCNY 1863 Society –
Pat Flanagan Boracci Anami Chan Bill Coyle
Kelly Reeve DeLaura Peter Eurich Patrick Finegan
Timothy Goebel Troy Goldstein Amy Kittenplan Hubbard
Susan Kittenplan Alix Botwin-Krell Stacie Krinsky
Terri Levine Audrey Leung Michelle Krueger Lydon
John Mulhall Suna Murray Monica Pollock
Stephen Schneider