US Figure Skating selected the following SCNY skaters and teams to represent the United States at international competitions.

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08/21/21Lindsay ThorngrenJGP France 1JuniorWomen(2,1)(1)Courchevel, France
08/28/21Oona Brown and Gage BrownJGP France 2JuniorDance(2,1)(1)Courchevel, France
09/04/21Ava Marie ZieglerJGP SlovakiaJuniorWomen(6,6)(6)Kosice, Slovakia
09/12/21Audrey ShinCS Lombardia TrophySeniorWomen(5,4)(3)Bergamo, Italy
09/12/21Alexia Paganini (for Switzerland)CS Lombardia TrophySeniorWomen(2,5)(4)Bergamo, Italy
09/12/21Christina Carreira (and Anthony Ponomarenko)CS Lombardia TrophySeniorDance(4,6)(4)Bergamo, Italy
09/19/21Ashley Cain-Gribble (and Timothy LeDuc)CS Autumn ClassicSeniorPairs(3,5)(3)Montreal, Canada
09/19/21Nathan Bartholomay (and Katie McBeath)CS Autumn ClassicSeniorPairs(5,4)(5)Montreal, Canada
09/19/21Camden PulkinenUS International ClassicSeniorMen(6,4)(4)Norwood, MA
09/19/21Logan Bye (and Eva Pate)US International ClassicSeniorDance(4,3)(3)Norwood, MA
09/25/21Nicole Rajicova (for Slovakia)CS Nebelhorn TrophySeniorWomen(16,17)(18)Oberstdorf, Germany
09/25/21Alexia Paganini (for Switzerland)CS Nebelhorn TrophySeniorWomen(2,5)(4)Oberstdorf, Germany
09/25/21Ava Marie ZieglerJGP SloveniaJuniorWomen(6,7)(7)Ljubljana, Slovenia
09/25/21Lindsay ThorngrenJGP SloveniaJuniorWomen(3,3)(3)Ljubljana, Slovenia
10/02/21Anastasiia Smirnova (and Daniyio Siianytsia)JGP Baltic CupJuniorPairs(3,3)(4)Gdansk, Poland
10/09/21Anastasiia Smirnova (and Daniyio Siianytsia)JGP Cup of AustriaJuniorPairs(7,6)(6)Linz, Austria
10/09/21Chase Finster (and Cate Fleming)JGP Cup of AustriaJuniorPairs(10,9)(10)Linz, Austria
10/09/21Oona Brown and Gage BrownJGP Cup of AustriaJuniorDance(2,5)(2)Linz, Austria
10/10/21Camden PulkinenCS Finlandia TrophySeniorMen(6,15)(14)Espoo, Finland
10/10/21Brian Johnson (and Jessica Catalang)CS Finlandia TrophySeniorPairs(7,4)(4)Espoo, Finland
10/10/21Ashley Cain-Gribble (and Timothy LeDuc)CS Finlandia TrophySeniorPairs(6,3)(3)Espoo, Finland
10/10/21Christina Carreira (and Anthony Ponomarenko)CS Finlandia TrophySeniorDance(6,8)(8)Espoo, Finland
10/24/21Audrey ShinGP Skate AmericaSeniorWomenLas Vegas, NV
10/24/21Brian Johnson (and Jessica Catalang)GP Skate AmericaSeniorPairsLas Vegas, NV
10/24/21Chelsea Liu and Danny O'SheaGP Skate AmericaSeniorPairsLas Vegas, NV
10/31/21Ashley Cain-Gribble (and Timothy LeDuc)GP Skate CanadaSeniorPairsVancouver, Canada
10/31/21Christina Carreira (and Anthony Ponomarenko)GP Skate CanadaSeniorDanceVancouver, Canada
11/14/21Camden PulkinenGP NHK TrophySeniorMenTokyo, Japan
11/14/21Ashley Cain-Gribble (and Timothy LeDuc)GP NHK TrophySeniorPairsTokyo, Japan
11/21/21Christina Carreira (and Anthony Ponomarenko)GP Internationaux de FranceSeniorDanceGrenoble, France
11/28/21Camden PulkinenGP Rostelecom CupSeniorMenSochi, Russia
12/12/21Lindsay ThorngrenJGP FinalJuniorWomenOsaka, Japan
12/12/21Oona Brown and Gage BrownJGP FinalJuniorDanceOsaka, Japan

This is a work in progress. We have striven to be accurate, but may have overlooked certain SCNY members and their assignments. We apologize for any such oversights and welcome SCNY community input in completing this database.

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