US Figure Skating selected the following SCNY skaters and teams to represent the United States at international competitions.

     Go TEAM USA!

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10/24/20 Audrey Shin GP Skate AmericaSeniorLadies(3,3)(3)Las Vegas, NV
10/24/20 Ashley Cain-Gribble (and Timothy LeDuc) GP Skate AmericaSeniorPairs(4,3)(4)Las Vegas, NV
10/24/20 Tarah Kayne and Danny O'SheaGP Skate AmericaSeniorPairs(5,5)(5)Las Vegas, NV
10/24/20 Olivia Serafini and Mervin Tran GP Skate AmericaSeniorPairs(6,6)(6)Las Vegas, NV
10/24/20 Christina Carreira (and Anthony Ponomarenko) GP Skate AmericaSeniorDance(3,3)(3)Las Vegas, NV
10/24/20Logan Bye (and Eva Pate)GP Skate AmericaSeniorDance(7,7)(7)Las Vegas, NV
03/25/21 Ashley Cain-Gribble (and Timothy LeDuc) WorldsSeniorPairs(6,9)(9)Stockholm, Sweden

All 2020 ISU Junior Grand Prix and 2020 ISU Challenger Series Figure Skating events were cancelled because of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Four of the six Grand Prix hosts (United States, Russia, China and Japan) have elected to host their competitions - Skate America, Rostelecom Cup, Cup of China, and NHK Trophy - as domestic or subcontinental competitions, given safety considerations and restrictions on international travel.

The 2020 Grand Prix Skate Canada, 2020 Grand Prix Internationaux de France and 2021 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships are cancelled.

This is a work in progress. We have striven to be accurate, but may have overlooked certain SCNY members and their assignments. We apologize for any such oversights and welcome SCNY community input in completing this database.

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