Founded in 1863, the Skating Club of New York is the second oldest figure skating club in the United States and the only one with three Olympic Ladies champions.

How Ice Skating Made Fifth Avenue a Fashionable Destination

When Central Park opened, upper Fifth Avenue was rural and remote. Ponds and streams dotted the area around 59th Street. Unpaved roads were lined with cattle yards and stables. Saks was far in the future. Yet fashionable New Yorkers still trekked north from Washington Square—to go ice skating.

In the 1860s, when the neighborhood tipped from sylvan to stylish, private skating ponds led the charge. They lured the elite with costume balls, fireworks, music, spacious restaurants, and selective membership...

Source: Rebecca Dalzell, "How Ice Skating Made Fifth Avenue a Fashionable Destination,", January 13, 2015

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