Good luck to our skaters at the 2024 Eastern Adult Sectional Figure Skating Championship

18 SCNY Skaters are set to compete at the 2024 Eastern Adult Sectional Figure Skating Championships, March 14-16 in Pittsburgh, PA. The top four skaters from each level advance to compete in their corresponding event at the U.S. Adult Championships, held April 3 to April 6 in Cleveland, OH.


Brooke BarrAdult Pre-Bronze Women IV
Brooke BarrAdult Pre-Bronze Emotional Performance IV
Sierra BoggessChampionship Adult Silver Women
Catherine ChanAdult Pre-Bronze Women I
Catherine ChanAdult Pre-Bronze Lyrical Pop/Character/Comedic I
Krystal DeetsChampionship Masters Intermediate-Novice Women
Cathy DingAdult Bronze Women I
Sara DornblaserChampionship Masters Junior-Senior Women
Sara DornblaserMasters Emotional Performance I
Didi GluckMasters Intermediate-Novice Women III
Stephanie HaoAdult Silver Women I
Stephanie HaoChampionship Adult Silver Women
Diana KazoliasAdult Bronze Women IV
Diana KazoliasAdult Bronze Emotional Performance IV
Jessica MarshallChampionship Masters Junior-Senior Women
Demis MaryannakisChampionship Masters Intermediate-Novice Men
Ryah MeschChampionship Adult Silver Women
Kimberly Rojas HernandezAdult Silver Women I
Kimberly Rojas HernandezChampionship Adult Silver Women
Hope SilvermanAdult Silver Women IV
Hope SilvermanChampionship Adult Silver Women
Francine SimmonsAdult Bronze Women III
Elena SimmonsAdult Silver Women III
Alexandra TalbertAdult Bronze Women I
Noura Von BriesenAdult Bronze Women I

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