US Figure Skating selected the following SCNY skaters and teams to represent the United States at international competitions.

     Go TEAM USA!

08/21/05Grant HochsteinNACS PierrefondsJuniorMen(6,7)(7)Pierrefonds, QE
09/18/05David WeintraubJGP EstoniaJuniorMenwithdrewTallinn, Estonia
10/02/05Chloe Katz and Joseph LynchNebelhorn TrophySeniorPairs(11,11)(11)Oberstdorf, Germany
10/09/05Adam RipponJGP CroatiaJuniorMen(6,5)(6)Zagreb, Croatia
10/23/05Emily HughesSkate AmericaSeniorLadies(8,4)(5)Atlantic City, NJ
10/30/05Johnny WeirSkate CanadaSeniorMen(2,8)(7)St. John's, NL
10/30/05Melissa Gregory and Denis PetukhovSkate CanadaSeniorDance(3,3,2)(3)St. John's, NL
11/06/05Morgan Matthews and Maxim Zavozin Cup of ChinaSeniorDance(6,5,5)(5)Beijing, China
11/20/05Morgan Matthews and Maxim Zavozin Trophee BompardSeniorDance(6,3,3)(4)Paris, France
11/27/05Emily HughesCup of RussiaSeniorLadies(4,7)(5)St. Petersburg, Russia
11/27/05Johnny WeirCup of RussiaSeniorMen(3,4)(3)St. Petersburg, Russia
11/27/05Melissa Gregory and Denis PetukhovCup of RussiaSeniorDance(4,5,4)(4)St. Petersburg, Russia
01/26/06Morgan Matthews and Maxim Zavozin Four ContinentsSeniorDance(2,2,2)(2)Colorado Springs, CO
02/26/06Emily HughesOlympicsSeniorLadies(7,7)(7)Torina, Italy
02/26/06Johnny WeirOlympicsSeniorMen(2,6)(5)Torina, Italy
02/26/06Melissa Gregory and Denis PetukhovOlympicsSeniorDance(15,14,14)(14)Torina, Italy
03/26/06Emily HughesWorldsSeniorLadies(3,10)(7)Calgary, AB
03/26/06Johnny WeirWorldsSeniorMen(4,5,8)(7)Calgary, AB
03/26/06Melissa Gregory and Denis PetukhovWorldsSeniorDance(10,9,10)(9)Calgary, AB
03/26/06Morgan Matthews and Maxim Zavozin WorldsSeniorDance(16,18,14)(16)Calgary, AB

This is a work in progress. We have striven to be accurate, but may have overlooked certain SCNY members and their assignments. We apologize for any such oversights and welcome SCNY community input in completing this database.

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