US Figure Skating selected the following SCNY skaters and teams to represent the United States at international competitions.

     Go TEAM USA!

09/12/10Samantha CesarioJGP RomaniaJuniorLadies(7,5)(4)Brasov, Romania
09/26/10Felicia Zhang (and Taylor Toth)Nebelhorn TrophySeniorPairs(6,7)(7)Oberstdorf, Germany
09/26/10Maia (and Alex) ShibutaniNebelhorn TrophySeniorDance(8,2)(5)Oberstdorf, Germany
09/26/10Isabella Tobias and Deividas Stagniunas (for Lithuania)Nebelhorn TrophySeniorDance(10,11)(11)Oberstdorf, Germany
10/10/10Danielle and Alexander GamelinJGP GermanyJuniorDance(17,15)(16)Dresden, Germany
10/10/10Grant HochsteinFinlandia TrophySeniorMen(6,2)(4)Vantaa, Finland
10/24/10Maia (and Alex) ShibutaniNHK TrophySeniorDance(5,2)(3)Nagoya, Japan
10/31/10Grant HochsteinSkate CanadaSeniorMen(12,10)(10)Kingston, ON
10/31/10Adam RipponSkate CanadaSeniorMen(3,2)(3)Kingston, ON
10/31/10Johnny WeirSkate CanadaSeniorMenwithdrewKingston, ON
11/07/10Isabella Tobias and Deividas Stagniunas (for Lithuania)NRW TrophySeniorDance(4,2)(3)Dortmund, Germany
11/14/10Adam RipponSkate AmericaSeniorMen(3,7)(4)Portland, OR
11/28/10Felicia Zhang (and Taylor Toth)Trophee BompardSeniorPairs(5,5)(5)Paris, France
01/30/11Isabella Tobias and Deividas Stagniunas (for Lithuania)European ChampionshipsSeniorDance(8,13)(12)Bern, Switzerland
02/13/11SkylinersSpring CupJuniorSynchro(1,1)(1)Milan, Italy
02/20/11Adam RipponFour ContinentsSeniorMen(4,5)(5)Taipei City, Taiwan
02/20/11Maia (and Alex) ShibutaniFour ContinentsSeniorMen(4,2)(2)Taipei City, Taiwan
03/13/11SkylinersWorldsJuniorSynchro(6,4)(5)Neuchatel, Switzerland
04/03/11Joelle ForteGardena Spring TrophySeniorLadies(6,4)(4)Val Gardena, Italy
04/03/11Emmanuel SavaryGardena Spring TrophyNoviceMen(1,1)(1)Val Gardena, Italy
05/01/11Maia (and Alex) ShibutaniWorldsSeniorDance(4,3)(3)Moscow, Russia
05/01/11Isabella Tobias and Deividas Stagniunas (for Lithuania)WorldsSeniorDance(14,14)(14)Moscow, Russia


Team Rosters

The 2010-11 Skyliners Junior line

Brooke Abbott
Alexandra Boisselle
Mairead Brock
Sennett Cooke
Peyton Delgorio
Alyssa Fox
Brielle Freda
Marlene Holter
Jasmine Lin
Dana Manson
Audrey McQuade
Ashley Mulhern
Hideko Nara
Nicole Owens
Eliana Roth
Jennifer Schwartzman
Paige Shepperly
Ashley Snow
Lauren Snow
Stacey Su

This is a work in progress. We have striven to be accurate, but may have overlooked certain SCNY members and their assignments. We apologize for any such oversights and welcome SCNY community input in completing this database.

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