Good luck to our skaters at the 2020 Eastern and Midwestern Sectional Singles Finals and 2020 U.S. Dance and Pairs Finals!

The U.S. Dance Final will be held concurrently with the Eastern Sectional Singles Final in Hyannis, Massachusetts. The U.S. Pairs Final will be held concurrently with the Midwestern Sectional Singles Final in Allen, Texas. Both competitions run November 13-16.

This is a change in the qualifying pipeline for US Figure Skating competitions from recent years. US Figure Skating explains the 2020 qualify structure here. For junior and senior-level skaters, this weekend's competitions are a qualifier for the 2020 US Figure Skating Championships, January 20-26, 2020, in Greensboro, North Carolina. For juvenile, intermediate and novice-level skaters, this weekend's competitions are the last USFS competition events for the season, except for those novice-level skaters who, based upon their performance this weekend, are invited to "skate up" as junior competitors in the 2020 US Figure Skating Championships.

Senior Ladies Senior Men Senior Pairs
Haley Beavers
Rena Ikenishi
Sophie Nye
Imogene Schwarz
Audrey Shin
Violeta Ushakova
Jimmy Ma Olivia Serafini
and Mervin Tran
Pairs teams Ashley Cain-Gribble (SCNY) and Timothy LeDuc (LAFSC, assoc. SCNY), Haven Denney (SCNY) and Brandon Frazier (All Year FSC), and Tarah Kayne (Broadmoor SC) and Danny O'Shea (SCNY) earned byes to the 2020 US Figure Skating Championships. Dance partners Christina Carreira (SCNY) and Anthony Ponomarenko (SCSF) also earned a bye.
Junior Ladies Junior Dance Junior Pairs
Tiffany Penella
Tory Watnick
Oona and Gage Brown Analise Gonzalez (SC Boston)
and Franz-Peter Jerosch
SCNY dance team Avonley Nguyen and Vadym Kolesnik earned a bye to the 2020 US Figure Skating Championships.
Novice Ladies Novice Dance
Ashley Leahy
Anita Ong
Helena Carhart and
Volodymyr Horovyi (All Year FSC)
Intermediate Ladies Intermediate Men Intermediate Dance
Lucy Gioioso
Cayetana Gonzalez
Lilly Mills
Amanda Smentkowski
Ava Ziegler
Andrei Dumuta Mila Guberman and
Joshua Soto (Pavilion SC Cleveland Hts)
Juvenile Girls Juvenile Boys Juvenile Dance Juvenile Pairs
Alina Bohutska
Madeline Besgen
Gemma Chang
Dalila DeLaura
Zachary LoPinto Sylvia Li (Ice House NJFSC)
and Rowan Le Coq
Dalila DeLaura and
Antonio Monaco (SC Morris)

Emily Renzi (SC So. NJ)
and Zachary LoPinto