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We are extremely grateful to everyone who contributed ads to the 2016 and 2017 editions. You made the SCNY Yearbook not only possible, but free to all SCNY members. We think the yearbook is the only perquisite of its kind among major US Figure Skating clubs. To keep this unique perk going, please consider taking out an ad.

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To generate additional ad revenue, we are rewarding each skater who brings in a full-page commercial ad (one that promotes a business or non-skating organization) with a free SCNY club session at Chelsea Piers Sky Rink during the 2017-18 season, with no limit on the number of club sessions a skater can "earn." If you skate at Sport-O-Rama, the Rinx, City Ice Pavilion, Dix Hills or Chelsea Piers Connecticut, we have a limited number of freestyle sessions to offer -- first come, first serve. To qualify for a freestyle or club session reward, simply ask the business or non-skating organization to complete the order reservation and payment form (see Step One below) and to include the referring skater's name and USFS number in the corresponding fields of the payment section, together with the words "skater referral" in the checkout section's comment box. We will notify you once we have received payment and send you the freestyle or club session voucher that you prefer.

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It has been an extraordinary year for The Skating Club of New York, with three Olympic bronze medals, a silver medal in dance at the world junior championships, the first-ever medal by a junior team at synchro worlds (a silver!), eight medals at the US Figure Skating Championships, including a national junior dance title, plus five medals at synchro nationals, including junior and novice national titles and plus berths at worlds for both a senior and junior team.

In addition to our Team USA skaters, we are immensely proud of the nearly 1,000 SCNY members of all levels and ages who compete locally, nationally and internationally, skate on one of our synchronized skating teams, appear in exhibitions, take freestyle, ice dance and moves-in-the-field tests, participate in Learn to Skate programs, and just skate their hearts out across our twelve member rinks. The purpose of the yearbook is to celebrate that commitment and we sincerely hope you will take part in it.

Purchasing an ad in the SCNY yearbook is great way to commemorate your skater’s progress, recognize their fans and thank everyone who has made them the skater they are.

How to place your ad

Placing an ad in the SCNY yearbook is simple! Upload your text and hi-res photos, choose a font and background design, and an ad will be created for your approval. Or you can create your own ad and upload the finished hi-res ad.* The following are last year's prices, which we are maintaining for all early-season orders. We reserve the right to raise prices later in the season if the economics of producing the yearbook so dictate.

● 2-Page Spread — $170

● Full Page 5w x 8h — $100

● Half Page 5w x 3.75h — $60

* The pages are open to everyone, including commercial advertisers, and are not limited to SCNY members. The editorial board reserves the right to reject any submission that is negative, inflammatory, offensive or adverse to the yearbook's main purpose: celebrating the sport of figure skating and its skaters, teams, coaches, officials and supporters.

Use your ad to:

♥ Recognize your skater

♥ Root for your team

♥ Thank your club

♥ Shout out to your fans

♥ Thank your coaches

♥ Show off then and now


NY Showcase and Wollman Open competitors: Don’t forget your photos!
Action shots are perfect for your yearbook ad. Be sure to check out your photos at the Vision Photo website and Video booth!


Step 1

Reserve a full page, half page, 2-page spread or several pages.

* Size of Article:

Order extra copies for your friends and family.

Your first copy of the yearbook is FREE and will be mailed to you in June. Extra copies are $15 apiece.

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All skaters: Please make sure that the mailing address we have on file for you at Entryeeze is up-to-date.

Do not proceed to Step 2 until you have completed this step (reserving space in the yearbook). We will disregard all submissions without a valid order confirmation number.

Step 2

Design your page.

If you see the buttons Reset and Submit and not Next at the bottom of Page 1 of this form, click Reset. Do not begin completing this form until you see a Next button.

Please refer to the confirmation email you received when you placed an order for space in the yearbook in Step 1. The Order Number is at the top of the confirmation. You will need to enter it to proceed to the next section.

Please tell us in the Layout Instructions field below how you would like your pages arranged- the more detail, the better.

If you choose to upload yearbook pages you prepared off-line, please upload them simultaneously (next page).

If your artwork is ready, click the Next button below. Otherwise, pause here and get your PDF or high-resolution JPG ready. If you prefer to work in PowerPoint or Word, remember to print your page to PDF. Our computers don't have the same fonts as yours, so our rendering of your Word or PowerPoint file will not be consistent.


  •       Full-page articles must be portrait 5 x 8 inches. Don't use images unless they measure at least 1024 pixels on the 5-inch side, preferably more.
  •       Half-page articles must be landscape 5 x 3¾ inches. Don't use images unless they measure at least 1024 pixels on the 5-inch side, again, preferably more.

Important: If you don't know how to output your work to a PDF or high-resolution image file, please have SCNY prepare the ad instead. You will have a chance to review and, if desired, modify it.

PDF files must be 300 dpi and match the dimensions of the page or half-page. JPG image files must have the same width-to-height ratio as the purchased page or half page, and must measure at least 1,024 pixels along the 5-inch side, preferably more.

Examine your photo(s) carefully before clicking Upload. If you ordered a half-page ad, your photo should probably be landscape. If you ordered a full-page ad, the photo should probably be portrait. Do not entrust photo cropping to us.

Also, make sure the uploaded photo is high-resolution, at least 1024 pixels on its 5-inch side.

Background images must be at least 1,024 pixels along the 5-inch side. Do not upload copyrighted images unless you are expressly authorized to use them.

We reserve the right to reject any submission that is negative, inflammatory, offensive or adverse to the yearbook's main purpose: celebrating our club's skaters, teams, coaches, officials and supporters.

Please be as clear, succinct and reasonable as possible.

Please complete the CAPTCHA below, then click the Submit button. We will send you a proof for your approval or modification as soon as it is available. Thank you for contributing to the yearbook!

All yearbook purchases and article submissions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. The Skating Club of New York is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit amateur athletic organization incorporated in New York. Its mission is to provide programs to encourage participation and achievement in the sport of figure skating, to conduct figure skating tests as defined by the USFS and to organize and sponsor competitions, exhibitions and clinics.