─⛸️─  Chelsea Piers' athletic facilities, including rinks, are closed until at least March 31, 2020.  ─⛸️─  The 2020 World Figure Skating, World Synchronized Skating and US Adult Figure Skating Championships are cancelled.  ─⛸️─  The Skyliners and Teams Elite have withdrawn from the ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships.  ─⛸️─  The 2020 Eastern Adult Sectional Figure Skating Championships concluded March 8 in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. Congratulations, all SCNY medalists and participants!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, SCNY members Avonley Nguyen and Vadym Kolsenik - 2020 ISU World Junior Figure Skating Champions! We are so proud of you!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Oona and Gage Brown on a tenth place finish at their first junior world championships!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Skyliners Junior - 2020 US Synchronized Skating champions!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Skyliners Senior, Novice Blue and Juvenile - 2020 US Synchronized Skating silver medalists!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Skyliners Novice Black - 2020 US Synchronized Skating pewter medalists!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Skyliners Intermediate on placing fifth at Nationals and Gotham City Masters on placing sixth.  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Skyliners Junior on being designated Team USA 1 by US Figure Skating at the upcoming 2020 ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships, March 14-15 in Nottingham, England!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Skyliners Senior on placing fifth at the 2020 ISU Challenger Series Spring Cup in Milan, Italy.  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, SCNY members Avonley Nguyen and Vadym Kolsenik - 2020 ISU Bavarian Open junior dance champions! Congratulations, fellow SCNY members Oona and Gage Brown on placing fourth.  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Tarah Kayne (Broadmoor FSC) and Danny O'Shea (SCNY) on placing fifth at the 2020 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships.  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Skyliners Junior for placing third in the free skate and fourth overall at the ISU Challenger Series French Cup in Rouen, France!  ─⛸️─  Eight synchronized skating lines represented SCNY at the NY State Empire Games: Team Rinx Open Juvenile, Preliminary and Synchro Skills; Central Park Skyliners, and CP Ice Open Juvenile, Pre-Juvenile, and Synchro Skills 1 and 3. Congratulations, all participants!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Tarah Kayne (Broadmoor SC) and Danny O'Shea (SCNY) - 2020 US Figure Skating Senior Pairs Bronze Medalists!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Ashley Cain-Gribble (SCNY) and Timothy LeDuc (LAFSC, assoc. SCNY) - 2020 US Figure Skating Senior Pairs Pewter Medalists! Haven Denney (SCNY) and Brandon Frazier (All Year FSC) placed fifth and Olivia Serafini (SCNY) and Mervin Tran (SCNY) placed seventh.  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Christina Carreira (SCNY) and Anthony Ponomarenki (SCSF) - 2020 US Figure Skating Senior Dance Pewter Medalists! Eva Pate (Strongsville SC) and Logan Bye (SCNY) placed seventh.  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, SCNY member Alexia Paganini for placing fourth at the 2020 European Figure Skating Championships, representing Switzerland!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, SCNY members Avonley Nguyen and Vadym Kolesnik - 2020 US Figure Skating Junior Dance Champions!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, SCNY members Oona and Gage Brown - 2020 US Figure Skating Junior Dance Bronze Medalists!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, SCNY member Rena Ikenishi for placing tenth in senior ladies at the 2020 US Figure Skating Championships!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, SCNY member Jimmy Ma for placing thirteenth among senior men at the 2020 US Figure Skating Championships!  ─⛸️─  It's official, the Winter Village Skating Rink in Bryant Park is now a member rink of the Skating Club of New York!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Skyliners Senior - the 16th Annual ISU Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy Champions!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Skyliners Juvenile, on its tenth consecutive Eastern Synchronized Skating Sectional title! We are so proud of you!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Gotham City Synchro Masters - 2020 Eastern Synchronized Skating Sectional bronze medalists! Next stop, Nationals!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Skyliners Novice Blue and Black on winning gold and silver, respectively, at the 2020 Eastern Synchronized Skating Sectional Championships!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Team Rinx Open Juvenile on placing second in the Eastern Sectional qualifying round and twelfth overall in the final!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Skyliners Intermediate on winning silver at the 2020 Eastern Synchronized Skating Sectional Championships!  ─⛸️─  Hats off to the Skyliners organization for setting the gold standard for organization and grace in hosting a USFS qualifying competition. Thank you, all officials, coaches, volunteers, Times Union Center personnel and the city of Albany for your incredible show of energy and support.  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Roland Jarquio for winning gold in the Gold Men III Free Style and Artistic events at the 2020 Winter World Masters Games in Innsbruck, Austria! Fellow SCNY member Stephanie Hao placed 7th in Silver Ladies I Artistic and 17th in Free Style. Tara O'Neil placed 13th in Gold Ladies I Artistic and 10th in Gold Ladies I Free Style.  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Skyliners Junior - 2020 ISU Brittania Cup champions!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Audrey Shin on a seventh place finish at the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne, Switzerland!  ─⛸️─  Thank you, everyone who volunteered at the SCNY synchronized skating basic skills competition January 12 at Sky Rink. And congratulations to all participating teams and skaters!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations to everyone who participated at the 36th Annual Colonial Synchronized Skating Classic in Lowell, MA. Skyliners Juvenile won silver, Novice Black won bronze and Intermediate won pewter. CP Ice Open Juvenile placed seventh, Pre-Juvenile eighth, and Intermediate tenth. Good luck, January 15-18th at Eastern Sectionals!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, SCNY members Avonley Nguyen and Vadym Kolesnik - 2019 ISU Junior Grand Prix Final silver medalists! We are so proud of you!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Ashley Cain-Gribble (SCNY) and Timothy LeDuc (LAFSC, assoc. SCNY) - 2019 CS Golden Spin of Zagreb champions!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Tarah Kayne (Broadmoor SC) and Daniel O'Shea (SCNY) - 2019 CS Golden Spin of Zagreb silver medalists! Congratulations, Olivia Serafini (SCNY) and Mervin Tran (SCNY) on placing 7th in a field of 22.  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Skyliners Senior, Junior and Novice Blue for winning GOLD and Skyliners Intermediate for winning SILVER at the 24th Annual Dr. Richard Porter Synchronized Skating Classic in Ann Arbor, Michigan! Novice Black placed sixth.  ─⛸️─  Congratulations to all the SCNY teams that participated at the 20th Annual Terry Conners Synchro Open in Stamford, CT. CP Ice Intermediate won SILVER, Skyliners Juvenile won GOLD, CP Ice Open Juvenile won PEWTER, Team Rinx Open Juvenile was fifth, CP Ice Pre-Juvenile won PEWTER, Team Rinx Preliminary was seventh, Team Rinx Syncrho Skills 3 won SILVER, CP Ice Synchro Skills 2 and 1 won BRONZE.  ─⛸️─  Pairs team Tarah Kayne (Broadmoor FSC) and Danny O'Shea (SCNY) placed sixth at the 2019 ISU Grand Prix NHK Trophy. Dance partners Christina Carreira (SCNY) and Anthony Ponomarenko (SCSF) also placed sixth.  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Olivia Serafini and Merv Tran - 2020 US Pairs Final senior champions!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Logan Bye and Eva Pate (Strongsville SC) - 2020 US Dance Final senior champions!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Jimmy Ma - 2020 Eastern Sectional senior men's champion!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Rena Ikenishi - 2020 Eastern Sectional senior ladies' pewter medalist!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Oona and Gage Brown - 2020 US Dance Final junior pewter medalists!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Helena Carhart and Volodymyr Horovyi (All Year FSC) - 2020 US Dance Final novice silver medalists!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Ava Ziegler - 2020 Eastern Sectional intermediate ladies' silver medalist!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Zachary LoPinto - 2020 Midwestern Sectional juvenile boys' bronze medalist!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Dalila DeLaura and Antonio Monaco (SC Morris) - 2020 US Pairs Final juvenile silver medalists!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Emily Renzi (SC So. NJ) and Zachary LoPinto - 2020 US Pairs Final juvenile bronze medalists!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Sylvia Li (Ice House NJFSC) and Rowan Le Coq - 2020 US Dance Final champions!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Alexia Paganini on placing fourth in the short program and seventh overall at the 2019 ISU Grand Prix Rostelecom Cup in Moscow, representing Switzerland!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Skyliners Juvenile and Novice Black on winning GOLD at the 2019 Boston Synchronized Skating Classic in Marlborough, MA! Congratulations, Skliners Intermediate and Gotham City Masters on SILVER, Skyliners Novice Blue on BRONZE, and Gotham City Adult on PEWTER! CPIce Intermediate, Open Juvenile and Pre-Juvenile placed 11th, 9th and 7th, respectively.  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Skyliners Junior on winning SILVER at at the very first ISU Challenger Series event for synchronized skating, the 2019 ISU California Cup in Irvine, California! Skyliners Senior placed fifth and fellow Team USA members the Haydenettes (Hayden FSC) won silver.  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Skyliners Novice Blue on winning GOLD at the Glacier Falls 2019 Synchronized Fall Classic, also in Irvine, California!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Tarah Kayne (Broadmoor FSC) and Danny O'Shea (SCNY) on placing sixth at the 2019 ISU Grand Prix Cup of China.  ─⛸️─  Congratulations, Christina Carreira (SCNY) and Anthony Ponomarenko (SCSF) - 2019 ISU Challenger Series Asian Open senior dance champions!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations Haven Denney (SCNY) and Brandon Frazier (All Year FSC) - 2019 ISU Grand Prix Internationaux de France bronze medalists in pairs! Congratulations, Ashley Cain-Gribble (SCNY) and Timothy LeDuc (LAFSC, assoc. SCNY) on placing fourth!  ─⛸️─  SCNY member Alexia Paganini place ninth among senior ladies at Grand Prix Skate Canada, representing Switzerland. Congratulations, Alexia!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations to all our medalists at the 2020 North Atlantic Regional Singles Challenge in Westborough, MA! Good luck at Eastern Sectionals!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations Haven Denney (SCNY) and Brandon Frazier (All Year FSC) - 2019 ISU Grand Prix Skate America senior pairs BRONZE medalists! Ashley Cain-Gribble (SCNY) and Timothy LeDuc (LAFSC, assoc. SCNY) placed fifth in pairs, and dance team Christina Carreira (SCNY) and Anthony Ponomarenko (SCSF) placed sixth.  ─⛸️─  Congratulations SCNY member Jimmy Ma on placing second in the free skate and fourth overall at the 2019 ISU Challenger Series Finlandia Trophy in Espoo, Finland! Congratulations SCNY members Olivia Serafini and Mervin Tran on placing fifth in pairs!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations Oona and Gage Brown for placing second in the free dance and fifth overall at the 2019 ISU Junior Grand Prix in Egna-Neumarkt, Italy!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations Logan Bye (SCNY) and Eva Pate (Strongville SC) on winning SILVER in senior dance at the 2020 Midwestern Sectional Ice Dance Challenge in Lansing, Michigan! Congratulations Mila Guberman (SCNY) and Joshua Soto (Pavilion SC of Cleveland Heights) on winning SILVER in intermediate dance!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations Helena Carhart (SCNY) and Volodymyr Horovyi (All Year FSC) on winning PEWTER in novice dance at the 2020 Eastern Sectional Ice Dance/Pairs Challenge in Aston, PA! Congratulations Dalila DeLaura (SCNY) and Antonio Monaco (SC of Morris) for winning GOLD and Zachary LoPinto (SCNY) and Emily Renzi (SC So. NJ) for winning SILVER in juvenile pairs! Congratulations Rowan Le Coq (SCNY) and Sylvia Li (Ice House of NJ FSC) on winning GOLD in juvenile dance!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations Christina Carreira (SCNY) and Anthony Ponomarenko (SCSF) on winning BRONZE in dance at the ISU Challenger Series Nebelhorn Trophy in Oberstdorf, Germany! Congratulations Haven Denney (SCNY) and Brandon Frazier (All Year FSC) on a great free skate, placing sixth overall in pairs.  ─⛸️─  Congratulations SCNY members Avonley Nguyen and Vadym Kolesnik on winning their second JGP title of the season, this time in Gdansk, Poland, and for punching a ticket to the Junior Grand Prix Final December 5-8 in Turin, Italy. Congratulations, Avonley and Vadym! We are so proud of you!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations Ashley Cain-Gribble (SCNY) and Timothy LeDuc (LAFSC, assoc. SCNY) - 2019 ISU Challenger Series US International Classic senior pairs champions! Congratulations Tarah Kayne (Broadmoor FSC) and Daniel O'Shea (SCNY) on placing fourth in the same event. Fellow member Jimmy Ma placed sixth in the men's event.  ─⛸️─  Congratulations Christina Carreira (SCNY) and Anthony Ponomarenko (SCSF) - 2019 ISU Challenger Series US International Classic silver medallists in dance!  ─⛸️─  SCNY member Ashley Leahy placed eighth among novice ladies at the 2019 Novice and Junior Challenge Skate in Salt Lake City. Fellow SCNY member Emily Zhang placed fifteenth among junior ladies.  ─⛸️─  SCNY member Alexia Paganini placed sixth among senior ladies at the ISU Challenger Series Autumn Classic International in Oakville, Canada, representing Switzerland.  ─⛸️─  SCNY members Oona and Gage Brown placed seventh in dance at the 2019 ISU Junior Grand Prix in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Fellow SCNY member Audrey Shin placed twelfth among junior ladies.  ─⛸️─  Congratulations SCNY members Avonley Nguyen and Vadym Kolesnik - 2019 ISU Grand Prix USA Champions in Dance. Associate member Emilia Murdock placed seventh in Ladies in her first-ever JGP assignment. Congratulations, Avonley, Vadym and Emilia!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations US Pairs champions Ashley Cain (SCNY) and Timothy LeDuc (LAFSC, assoc. SCNY) and their fellow Team USA members on winning the 2019 ISU World Team Trophy in Fukuoka, Japan!  ─⛸️─  Skyliners Senior placed eighth at the 2019 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships in Helsinki, Finland. Congratulations, Skyliners!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations Stephanie Hao - 2019 US Adult Silver Dramatic Entertainment AND Bronze Solo Free Dance Champion! Congratulations Mayumi Yamamoto - 2019 US Adult Gold Ladies IV pewter medalist!  ─⛸️─  US Senior Pairs Champions Ashley Cain (SCNY) and Timothy LeDuc (LAFSC, assoc. SCNY) placed ninth at the 2019 ISU World Figure Skating Championships in Saitama City, Japan, securing two pairs spots for Team USA at the 2020 World Championships. Congratulations, Ashley and Tim!  ─⛸️─  Congratulations Skyliners -- 2019 ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Bronze Medalists!  ─⛸️─ 

Current Month


On Edge | By Patrick Finegan
On Edge
1 Elmer Fudd entered skills competition?
9 Throw jump specialists
13 Decorative clasp
14 Stew popularized by French-Canadian woodsmen and trappers
17 Rockne opens bread shop?
19 University of California, Chicago and Cincinnati
20 Host state of the 2014 Synchronized Skating Junior World Qualifier
22 __ White, expert on style
23 Insect takes wing at sunrise?
25 2013 pairs world champion garbles Garbo?
26 Tearful emoticon
27 Top co. in pocket calculators
28 Nothing halfway about it
29 Shizuka Arakawa's Olympic medal stolen?
32 Antimony, periodically
33 For examp.
34 Out of stock
35 Inits. of 2014 Eastern Sectional junior ladies bronze medalist
36 3-time US men's champion and Olympic commentator names suds for Bud?
41 Extra hours at HON Industries?
42 __ Lewis, Narnia chronicler
43 The National Blades and Capitol Steps train there
44 The loudest applause at Junior Worlds in 2009?
46 Flamboyant color combination for Carmen?
47 Self identifier
48 XP precursor
49 Fish pond denizen
51 Inconsistent triple axel for 2010 ladies Olympic silver medalist?
54 Urges firmly
56 Poor loser
58 Initiated a Lutz
59 Gracie's secret?
2 Inits. under crown on popular Bavarian beer logo
3 Sphere
4 Endorse check to 19th Century landlord?
5 Debi after her Calgary long program?
6 State univ. just outside Oakland
7 __ Grill; acclaimed gourmet restaurant in St. Moritz
8 Arsonist's goal?
9 Old man?
10 Sought by many underutilized ball players
11 It chose Sochi
12 5-time US synchro national champion coach joins CBS talk show?
14 Reattach metal sheets
15 How Egyptians get to Sochi?
16 Testamentary assistance from 2-time Olympic ladies champion?
18 Afghan travel advisory?
21 Directs bedside drips
24 Half of CII
30 Smith & Wollensky's rep?
31 Combo elevator and aileron for aircraft
37 Worship
38 Buys stock
39 The headdress of princesses
40 1992 Olympic ladies silver medalist sets record for 100 m?
45 nini
50 Plastic Band maker
52 Japanese flute
53 Brand promoter
55 Wallet-sized card
57 CSX or UP


Jan 2014


Flip and Squall | By Patrick Finegan
Flip and Squall
1 White and Davis stunned by long-time coach's decision to part ways?
12 Energetic throw
13 Ice technician admits cooling error?
15 Eight-note intervals
18 Edge jump
20 5-year NASA mission to observe sun
21 Female vocalist; collaborated with Starsmith on episode of Red Bull Producer
22 Bind with rope
23 Japanese honorific
25 Stagecoach pony's partner?
27 Encircle
29 Common article
31 Money vendor
32 Air traffic controller
33 Raise sharply
35 Gloria Steinem's magazine
36 USFS region includes SC Boston
37 Famed Soviet jet fighter
38 Sea eagle
39 Parson bird of New Zealand
41 Fri. dress code?
42 Commercial interruption
43 Place for 42 Across
44 Israeli political faction once led by Manachem Begin
46 Line traced during a spiral
47 Frilly fashion accessory
48 Savchenko, to Szalkowy?
49 Conifer prized for its durable wood
51 Skater addicted to edge jumps?
53 IT tsar
54 1986 Sonic Youth album
55 Placed second behind Sarah at the 2002 Winter Olympics
57 Technical abbreviation for latex
59 Alissa's coach offers hair conditioning product?
62 Swiss two-time men's world champion (2005-6)
64 Cheap labor
66 Boredom
67 Treacherous ice patch named after 2011 ladies' world champion?
1 Difficult night for Rockne Brubaker?
2 21-nation assoc. est. 1961 to promote growth and trade
3 Abbott and Dungjen found it on the boards after practice?
4 Former intelligence unit of the DDR
5 2010 Olympic men's champ reflects on 2003 US Nationals?
6 Online alternative to text messaging
7 Hey, 5 Down, your car is emitting fumes!
8 Art historian's undergraduate degree
9 Competitions won by Michelle Kwan during the 1995-96 season
10 Relief expressed after an aneurysm?
11 Sadist's mantra?
14 Sleep cheap
16 Subway sees daylight?
17 PCS component
19 Marina and Meryl miffed?
24 2001 Spielberg hit
26 1976 Olympic champion's trademark
28 Sudden attack
30 Lower house of UK Parl.
34 Alternative conjunction
36 DEA enforcer
40 Common inits. on practice wear
41 2012 ladies' world champion
43 Goal of Kauilani Doherty's surfing competitors?
45 __ Weiwei, Chinese dissident artist
47 Jack Lord wants skaters for a gig in Honolulu?
50 On the spot
52 Future child?
56 + CL = salt
58 Largest single digit in Berlin
60 Donation of prop. in lieu of cash per IRS Form 1040 Sch. D
61 Use of middleware to integrate a co.'s apps, dbases and legacy systems
63 Canadian band wrote theme song for Big Bang Theory
65 2m30s for Novice FS

Nov-Dec 2013


Ice Capade | By Patrick Finegan
Ice Capade
1 3-time US men's champ and 2-time Olympian enjoys this puzzle?
11 Cry of exasperation
12 Skipjack, for one
15 Tax-dodge by 5-time world champion?
18 Approx. 3381 oz.
19 __ Carter IV; 2011 album by rapper Lil Wayne
20 2002 movie starring Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy
21 Yu-Na's main rival at 2010 Olympics
22 Tacit goal of Carroll and Zakrajsek?
25 What Ashley does in the "Kiss and Cry"?
27 TSA employee
28 Lakers pt guard
29 "__, what's up Doc?"
30 __ Kramer, record-holding Dutch speed skater
31 Ryan Bradley's birth state
32 Top among sports arenas
33 2012 pairs world champion
36 She edged out Yu-Na and Carolina at the 2011 World Championships
37 Father of 41A is one
38 A-Frame spin showcases this
39 Won USFS Collegiate Championships in 2010
41 Took gold over Alissa and Agnes at 2012 Nationals
43 Coach approves program's beat?
45 Home of 2012 ladies' world champion
46 Virtue suggests negative reply?
47 Middle of the alphabet
48 River running through 45A
49 Excel function returning amount owed monthly on a mortgage
50 Common undergraduate degree
51 Fashion accessory for 1992 Olympic ladies' champion?
56 Sponge Bob's mouth
58 Missing
59 Freestyle coach's lament?
1 Charlie's December gift to Meryl?
2 Dry scab left by a burn
3 GOP's view of 41st President
4 Fish eggs
5 Popular programming language among mathematicians
6 How Yu-Na Kim picks a top-level domain name?
7 Where to find a bargain on a skating dress?
8 Cathedral in Köln
9 Host state for 2013 Synchro Nationals
10 Puddle protection
11 Meditative expression
13 Host state for 2013 US Figure Skating Nationals
14 Coach Sandra Bevic crows about her 1988 Olympic champion?
16 Found in many wallets
17 Traveler's aid
21 Furry greeting
22 Mad cow dis.
23 Congenital skin lesions or birthmarks
24 How runners-up sometimes feel
25 Inits. of country singer Naomi's country singer daughter
26 Skater paints town red after winning ladies' title at 2011 Worlds
28 Grave
31 Plea during critique of program's interpretation?
34 Luke acknowledges request from Millennium Falcon's commander?
35 Concentration camp prisoner in charge of other prisoners
36 Spam target
40 Oksana Baiul's ctry
42 Big inits. in accounting
43 Fiesta and Romantico
44 Grave
46 How Javier Fernandez addresses Ms. Sonia Lafuente?
48 Wet nurse
51 Top-level domain name for host of 1984 Winter Olympics
52 Initials of composer celebrated for his Memory
53 Sack
54 NYSE ticker for top-five global bank
55 Ford supercar
57 USFS calls it home

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    Sky Rink Test Application
    Instructions: IJS Protocol for Test Credit

    {gallery /} {gallery id="z-jimmy_ma"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/jimmy_ma{/gallery} {gallery id="z-hom-jerosch"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/hom-jerosch{/gallery} {gallery id="z-violeta_ushakova"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/violeta_ushakova{/gallery} {gallery id="z-ina-zimmerman"|labels=ina_zimmerman}athlete_galleries/ina-zimmerman{/gallery} {gallery id="z-emilia_murdock"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/emilia_murdock{/gallery} {gallery id="z-browns"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/browns{/gallery} {gallery id="z-conners-krasnopolski"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/conners-krasnopolski{/gallery} {gallery id="z-audrey_shin"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/audrey_shin{/gallery} {gallery id="z-denney-frazier"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/denney-frazier{/gallery} {gallery id="z-cain-leduc"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/cain-leduc{/gallery} {gallery id="z-ilana_sedaka"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/ilana_sedaka{/gallery} {gallery id="z-min-gamelin"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/min-gamelin{/gallery} {gallery id="z-anna_drozda"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/anna_drozda{/gallery} {gallery id="z-mayumi_yamamoto"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/mayumi_yamamoto{/gallery} {gallery id="z-carreira-ponomarenko"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/carreira-ponomarenko{/gallery} {gallery id="z-lewis-bye"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/lewis-bye{/gallery} {gallery id="z-nicole_rajic"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/nicole_rajic{/gallery} {gallery id="z-olivia_serafini"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/olivia_serafini{/gallery} {gallery id="z-grant_hochstein"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/grant_hochstein{/gallery} {gallery id="z-shibutanis"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/shibutanis{/gallery} {gallery id="z-rippon"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/adam_rippon{/gallery} {gallery id="z-sst_senior"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/sst_senior{/gallery} {gallery id="z-sst_junior"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/sst_junior{/gallery} {gallery id="z-sst_novice"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/sst_novice{/gallery} {gallery id="z-sst_intermediate"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/sst_intermediate{/gallery} {gallery id="z-sst_juvenile"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/sst_juvenile{/gallery} {gallery id="z-gcs-mr"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/gcs-mr{/gallery} {gallery id="z-gcs-ad"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/gcs-ad{/gallery} {gallery id="z-peterson-schwab"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/peterson-schwab{/gallery} {gallery id="z-alexia_paganini"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/alexia_paganini{/gallery} {gallery id="z-ilana_sherman"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/ilana_sherman{/gallery} {gallery id="z-laura_jacobson"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/laura_jacobson{/gallery} {gallery id="z-emily_zhang"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/emily_zhang{/gallery} {gallery id="z-lilly_mills"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/lilly_mills{/gallery} {gallery id="z-ava_ziegler"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/ava_ziegler{/gallery} {gallery id="z-smith-reiss"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/smith-reiss{/gallery} {gallery id="z-serafini-tran"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/serafini-tran{/gallery} {gallery id="z-delaura-xie"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/delaura-xie{/gallery} {gallery id="z-renzi-lopinto"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/renzi-lopinto{/gallery} {gallery id="z-cpice-int"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/cpice-int{/gallery} {gallery id="z-cpice-oj"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/cpice-oj{/gallery} {gallery id="z-cpice-pj"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/cpice-pj{/gallery} {gallery id="z-cpice-pre"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/cpice-pre{/gallery} {gallery id="z-cpice-bg"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/cpice-bg{/gallery} {gallery id="z-allstars"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/allstars{/gallery} {gallery id="z-wang-howe"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/wang-howe{/gallery} {gallery id="z-dixchips-pj"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/dixchips-pj{/gallery} {gallery id="z-dixchips-bg"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/dixchips-bg{/gallery} {gallery id="z-teamrinx-bg1"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/teamrinx-bg1{/gallery} {gallery id="z-teamrinx-bg3"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/teamrinx-bg3{/gallery} {gallery id="z-teamrinx-pj"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/teamrinx-pj{/gallery} {gallery id="z-teamrinx-oj"|labels=misc}athlete_galleries/teamrinx-oj{/gallery}
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