● ● ● ● ● ● SCNY members Grant Hochstein and Maia and Alex Shibutani kick off the ISU Grand Prix season October 20-22 at the Rostelecom Cup in Moscow. Good luck, Grant, Maia, Alex and all Team USA skaters! ● ● ● Chloe Lewis (All Year FSC) and Logan Bye (SCNY) placed fifth place at JGP Egna-Bolzano, Italy. Congratulations, Chloe and Logan! ● ● ● Congratulations Adam Rippon on placing second in the free skate and third overall at the 2017 ISU Challenger Series Finlandia Cup in Espoo, Finland! Fellow Team USA member Vincent Zhou won silver. Go Team USA! ● ● ● Congratulations Olivia Serafini and Haley Beavers on winning GOLD and BRONZE in the senior ladies final at the 2018 North Atlantic Figure Skating Championships in Hackensack, NJ! ● ● ● Congratulations SCNY members Rena Ikenishi, Sophie Nye and Imogene Schwarz on winning GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE in the junior ladies final at Regionals! ● ● ● Congratulations SCNY members Violeta Ushakova, Laura Jacobson and Tiffany Pennella on winning GOLD, BRONZE and PEWTER in the novice ladies final at Regionals! ● ● ● Congratulations SCNY members Sophia Tsintsadze and Emily Zhang on winning GOLD and BRONZE in the intermediate ladies final at Regionals. Congratulations Ean Huang on winning BRONZE in intermediate men's. ● ● ● Congratulations SCNY members Tess Keller on winning BRONZE in the juvenile girls final and Louis Lorenz on winning BRONZE in juvenile boys at Regionals! ● ● ● 86 SCNY club members competed at the 2018 North Atlantic Regional Figure Skating Championships. We are proud of all of you! ● ● ● Congratulations SCNY member Alexia Paganini on winning BRONZE at the 2017 Nebelhorn Trophy in Oberstdorf, Germany, competing this season for Switzerland! Switzerland is now officially qualified to compete in ladies' figure skating at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea! ● ● ● Congratulations Alexander Gamelin (SCNY) and Yura Min on placing fourth in ice dancing at Nebelhorn, thus securing an ice dancing spot for South Korea at the 2018 Winter Olympics! ● ● ● Congratulations SCNY member Paige Conners and her partner Evgeni Krasnopolski on winning a pairs spot for Israel at the 2018 Winter Olympics by placing eighth overall at Nebelhorn. Team USA members Ashley Cain (SCNY) and Timothy LeDuc (LAFSC, assoc. SCNY) placed seventh. ● ● ● Congratulations Christina Carreira (SCNY) and Anthony Ponomarenko (SCSF) on winning GOLD at BOTH JGP Salzburg, Austria AND JGP Minsk, Belarus, thus qualifying for the 2017 Junior Grand Prix Final December 7-10 in Nagoya, Japan! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!! ● ● ● SCNY member Grant Hochstein placed fourth in the senior men's event at the Challenger Series Ondrej Nepela Trophy in Bratislava, Slovakia. Alexander Gamelin (SCNY) and Yura Min also placed fourth, but in ice dance representing South Korea. Team USA members Erika Smith (SCNY) and AJ Reiss (LSFSC) placed sixth in pairs and SCNY member Nicole Rajicova placed seventh in ladies, skating for Slovakia. ● ● ● SCNY member Audrey Shin won SILVER in the Junior Ladies event at the 2017 Novice Junior Challenge Skate in Salt Lake City. SCNY members Oona and Gage Brown placed fourth in Novice Dance, and associate member Emilia Murdock placed fourth in Novice Ladies. Congratulations, SCNY skaters! ● ● ● 2017 US senior pairs bronze medalists Ashley Cain (SCNY) and Timothy LeDuc (LAFSC, assoc. SCNY) placed fourth at the Lombardia Trophy in Bergamo, Italy. Congratulations, Ashley and Tim! ● ● ● 2017 US senior pairs champions Haven Denney (SCNY) and Brandon Frazier (All Year FSC) placed fourth at the US International Figure Skating Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah. SCNY member Paige Conners and her partner Evgeni Krasnopolski placed fifth, representing Isarel. Congratulations, Haven, Brandon, Paige and Evgeni! ● ● ● Thank you to everyone who participated or volunteered at the 92nd Annual Middle Atlantic Championships! Results are posted here. ● ● ● Congratulations SCNY members Ilana Sedaka and Francesca Cilluffo on winning GOLD in the Junior Shadow Dance final at the National Solo Dance Final in Colorado Springs! Congratulations, Chiara Tan on winning PEWTER in the Pre-Silver Pattern Dance final and Ilana Sedaka on winning BRONZE in the International Pattern Dance final! ● ● ● The 2017-18 SCNY club ice schedule is now posted. ● ● ● Christina Carreira (SCNY) and Anthony Ponomarenko (SCSF) won GOLD at JGP Salzburg, Austria. Congratulations, Christina and Anthony! ● ● ● SCNY member Alexia Paganini won the senior ladies GOLD medal at the Slovenian Open in Celje, Slovenia, representing Switzerland. Club member Nicole Rajicova placed fourth, representing Slovakia. Congratulations, Alexia and Nicole! ● ● ● It's never to early to think about next year's yearbook. Check out our promo here. ● ● ● Chloe Lewis (All Year FSC) and Logan Bye (SCNY) placed fifth in dance at JGP Brisbane, Australia. Congratulations, Chloe and Logan! ● ● ● Welcome City Ice Pavilion! Its skating program is now part of The Skating Club of New York! ● ● ● Check out the Master Schedule for freestyle sessions and the Skating School for private and group lessons. ● ● ● Click here to join SCNY or renew your membership for the 2017-18 season! ● ● ● Congratulations Sky Rink All Stars, 2017 National Showcase Mini-Production Ensemble SILVER medalists! ● ● ● Congratulations Ryann Pearson, 2017 National Showcase BRONZE medalist in Intermediate Interp! ● ● ● SCNY member Audrey Shin placed seventh as US Figure Skating's junior ladies' representative at the Asian Open, August 2-5 in Hong Kong. Congratulations, Audrey! ● ● ● ● ● ●

anne gerli Sad news.

We are deeply saddened to share the news that Anne Gerli, beloved member of the Skating Club of New York for over 80 years, passed away this afternoon at age 91. For generations, Anne was an inspiration to SCNY skaters, competitors and members sharing her time and talents to make our sport successful. Anne was one of the creators of Junior Nationals and also created the Young Internationals program that sent future Olympic skaters including Sarah and Emily Hughes and Evan Lysacek to European non-qualifiers. Last year, in recognition of her contributions to our sport, Anne was inducted into the US Figure Skating Hall of Fame.

Anne continued to be active judging tests and competitions, including Mids this year. Anyone who has been to Governing Council knows Anne. She was the voice of reason and history with an uncanny knack for simplifying the issues with wisdom and a sense of humor.

Anne was always about the skaters, whether they were beginning skaters, developmental or elite or those transitioning to the judging ranks. We were blessed that she was a part of our lives. She will be sorely missed. It is the end of an era, but hopefully Anne will be an inspiration to us all to continue in her footsteps.

There will be a memorial service on Friday, March 11 at 2pm at the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church.

Anne Gerli, US Figure Skating Hall of Fame judge and beloved SCNY member

Finding the right words to introduce and present the newest inductee into the Hall of Fame is no easy task…especially when it is someone of Anne Gerli’s status. But luckily for me, the second I was invited to present this honor tonight, I started hearing from a wide range of people whose lives Anne has touched. Whose lives she has changed for the better. People like Terri Levine, Skating Club of New York’s President; Lucy Brennan, Anne’s global partner in crime; Troy Goldstein, Olympic official; and, of course, Coco Shean, Anne’s daughter, who herself has an illustrious career as a judge spanning over four decades. These conversations only verified what I already knew. Anne is the model for all things GOOD about skating.

ESPN called Anne an “innovator.” How true. For many years Anne observed people trial judging. She watched compulsory figures take 12 hours with different panels for each figure. And it bothered her. She knew there must be a better way to do this. So what did she do? She REVOLUTIONIZED the judging system. Anne created an accelerated program for judges so that former skaters could move into judging positions faster. Her new system encourages skaters to get back into the sport. Her program has produced some of our country’s finest judges, many of whom have represented the U.S. at World Championships and the Olympic Games. Some of the officials she has had a big impact on are here in Greensboro: Shawn Rettstatt, Robbie Rosenbluth.

In all of Anne’s years in skating, no one knows who her favorite skater is! Anne just wants to help people who LOVE to skate. Sometimes they turn out to be the best in the world and sometimes they don’t. It doesn’t matter. What matters to Anne is that the skaters, and the judges she mentors, ALWAYS come first. She was, and is, constantly doing everything she can to make the sport better for the skaters.

Our last two individual Olympic champions, Evan Lysacek and me, are beneficiaries of Anne’s craftsmanship. Anne created the Young International series. One of these events, Anne and Lucy Brennan organized in 1997 in Milan, Italy. Not only did Anne and Lucy organize the event but they came to the event directly from the World Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland. There was no obvious reason for Anne to pick me and Evan. Evan and I were both only 11 years old. This would be our first international. Neither of us won in Milan but, thanks to Anne, the competition gave us the initial taste and experience we would need to succeed in the sport at the highest level.

Anne’s club, the Skating Club of New York, has produced three Olympic gold medalists. Carol Heiss, Dorothy Hamill and me. Sometimes we are referred to as the three H’s. Maybe it is just a coincidence all our names begin with an H, but some of us don’t believe in coincidence. Rather, some of us believe there’s a reason G comes right before H in the alphabet.

It has been a joy for everyone in skating to have Anne in our lives, peppering us with her wisdom and humor. I know some of you here made it to the “150 Years of Skating in New York” Gala and laughed out loud at her witty speech. Moments like that are why we treasure her.

It is my distinct honor to introduce the G that has supported the entire alphabet of skaters on the ice and off for almost seven decades. The U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame is more complete and innovative now that Anne is a member. Please help me give a warm welcome to Ms. Anne Gerli.

- Olympic gold medalist Sarah Hughes, introducing Anne Gerli during her induction into the US Figure Skating Hall of Fame at the 2015 Prudential US Figure Skating Championships

This is a copy of the video played during the Hall of Fame induction ceremony during the 2015 U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Greensboro, NC. We thank U.S. Figure Skating for permitting us to display the video on our website. U.S. Figure Skating retains full ownership and copyright of the video.

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