● ● ● ● ● ● Christina Carreira (SCNY) and Anthony Ponomarenko (SCSF) try for two Junior Grand Prix gold medals in a row this weekend at JGP Minsk, Belarus! Good luck, Christina and Anthony! ● ● ● Four SCNY members compete this weekend at the Challenger Series Ondrej Nepela Trophy in Bratislava, Slovakia -- Grant Hochstein (senior men), Erika Smith (SCNY) and AJ Reiss (LSFSC) (senior pairs), Nicole Rajicova (senior ladies, competing for Slovakia), and Alexander Gamelin (SCNY) and Yura Min (senior dance, representing S. Korea). Good luck, all SCNY teams and skaters! ● ● ● SCNY member Audrey Shin won SILVER in the Junior Ladies event at the 2017 Novice Junior Challenge Skate in Salt Lake City. SCNY members Oona and Gage Brown placed fourth in Novice Dance, and associate member Emilia Murdock placed fourth in Novice Ladies. Congratulations, SCNY skaters! ● ● ● 2017 US senior pairs bronze medalists Ashley Cain (SCNY) and Timothy LeDuc (LAFSC, assoc. SCNY) placed fourth place at the Lombardia Trophy in Bergamo, Italy. Congratulations, Ashley and Tim! ● ● ● 2017 US senior pairs champions Haven Denney (SCNY) and Brandon Frazier (All Year FSC) placed fourth at the US International Figure Skating Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah. SCNY member Paige Conners and her partner Evgeni Krasnopolski placed fifth, representing Isarel. Congratulations, Haven, Brandon, Paige and Evgeni! ● ● ● Thank you to everyone who participated or volunteered at the 92nd Annual Middle Atlantic Championships! Results are posted here. ● ● ● Congratulations SCNY members Ilana Sedaka and Francesca Cilluffo on winning GOLD in the Junior Shadow Dance final at the National Solo Dance Final in Colorado Springs! Congratulations, Chiara Tan on winning PEWTER in the Pre-Silver Pattern Dance final and Ilana Sedaka on winning BRONZE in the International Pattern Dance final! ● ● ● The 2017-18 SCNY club ice schedule is now posted. ● ● ● Christina Carreira (SCNY) and Anthony Ponomarenko (SCSF) won GOLD at JGP Salzburg, Austria. Congratulations, Christina and Anthony! ● ● ● SCNY member Alexia Paganini won the senior ladies GOLD medal at the Slovenian Open in Celje, Slovenia, representing Switzerland. Club member Nicole Rajicova placed fourth, representing Slovakia. Congratulations, Alexia and Nicole! ● ● ● It's never to early to think about next year's yearbook. Check out our promo here. ● ● ● Chloe Lewis (All Year FSC) and Logan Bye (SCNY) placed fifth in dance at JGP Brisbane, Australia. Congratulations, Chloe and Logan! ● ● ● Welcome City Ice Pavilion! Its skating program is now part of The Skating Club of New York! ● ● ● Check out the Master Schedule for freestyle sessions and the Skating School for private and group lessons. ● ● ● Click here to join SCNY or renew your membership for the 2017-18 season! ● ● ● Congratulations Sky Rink All Stars, 2017 National Showcase Mini-Production Ensemble SILVER medalists! ● ● ● Congratulations Ryann Pearson, 2017 National Showcase BRONZE medalist in Intermediate Interp! ● ● ● SCNY member Audrey Shin placed seventh as US Figure Skating's junior ladies' representative at the Asian Open, August 2-5 in Hong Kong. Congratulations, Audrey! ● ● ● ● ● ●
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The Skating Club of New York

Year in Review

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Summer - 2014

The Rinx hosts its 2014 Summer Open

160 skaters participate

17 SCNY skaters participate at National Showcase

Reach for the Sky Rink All Stars - BRONZE

Jennie Berlin - Juvenile Dramatic Entertainment - BRONZE

Mona Johnson and Miranda Tyson - Teen Duet - SILVER

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Summer - 2014

Felicia Zhang announces her retirement from competitive skating

2008 US novice ladies' bronze medalist

2010 US junior pairs champion (with Taylor Toth)

2013 US senior pairs bronze medalist (with Nathan Bartholomay)

2014 US senior pairs silver medalist (with Nathan Bartholomay)

2014 Olympian

Congratulations on a fabulous competitive skating career!

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Summer - 2014

SCNY hosts the 89th Annual Middle Atlantic Figure Skating Championships

- Oldest competition in North America

- Older than Nationals!

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Summer - 2014

A beautiful new skating complex opens in Eisenhower Park

Mary Lynn Gelderman becomes its director of skating

Twin Rinks hosts a fabulous opening show, Ice Dreams, starring Jason Brown, John Coughlin and Caydee Denney, Samantha Cesario, Jimmy Ma, and Alexa Scimeca and Chris Knierim

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Fall - 2014

Junior International Events

Chloe Lewis and Logan Bye place fifth at JGP France

Christina Carreira and Anthony Ponomarenko place fourth and fifth at JGPs Estonia and Czech Republic

Nicole Rajicova places fourth skating for Slovakia at JGPs Slovakia and Croatia. She wins bronze among senior ladies at the Golden Spin of Zagreb and places 15th at Worlds.

Olivia Serafini wins the junior title at the 2014 U.S. International Classic and bronze in senior ladies at Grand Prix Bratislava.

Jimmy Ma represents the United States at JGP Japan

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Fall - 2014

104 SCNY skaters participate at North Atlantic Regionals

Lyra Katzman and Helen Serafini place second and fourth among senior ladies

Olivia Serafini, Brianna Brazee and Nadine Wang win junior ladies gold, silver and pewter

Paige Conners, Alexia Paganini and Kelly Koons sweep novice ladies gold, silver and bronze

Noah Krupnick wins silver in novice men

Audrey Shin and Ayaka Hoshida win intermediate ladies gold and pewter

Emilia Murdock and Laura Jacobson win juvenile girls silver and pewter

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Fall - 2014

30 SCNY skaters qualify for Sectionals

Grant Hochstein and Jimmy Ma win senior men's gold and pewter

Olivia Serafini and Brianna Brazee win junior ladies gold and pewter

Alexia Paganini wins the novice ladies' title

Darbie Burke and Griffin Schwab win the novice pairs title

Emilia Murdock wins juvenile girls pewter

Sara and Howard Zhao win silver in juvenile dance

Junior ice dancers Chloe Lewis (FSCLA) and Logan Bye win Pacific Sectionals. Christina Carreira and Anthony Ponomarenko (SCSF) win bronze.

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Winter - 2015

SCNY sponsors 12 synchro teams

Skyliners - USFS World Junior Team 1


Open Adult

Open Juvenile








Central Park Skyliners Beginner 3 and 2

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Winter - 2015

Senior International Events

Grant Hochstein - 4th at Lombardia Trophy and Golden Spin of Zagreb

Gracie Gold (associate member) - 3rd at Nebelhorn Trophy and GP Skate America; 1st at GP NHK; 4th at Four Continents and Worlds. Gold medalist member of Team USA at World Team Trophy

Ashley Cain - 3rd at Nepela Trophy. Grand Prix assignments: Cup of China and Rostelecom

Maia and Alex Shibutani - 1st at Nepela Trophy and Graz Ice Challenge. 2nd at Skate Canada and Cup of China, 3rd at Four Continents, 4th at Grand Prix Final, 5th at Worlds

Samantha Cesario - 2nd at Finlandia Trophy, 4th at Skate America. 7th at Trophee Bompard, 8th at Four Continents

Adam Rippon - 2nd at Finlandia Trophy. Also competed at Skate Canada, Trophee Bompard, Four Continents and Worlds

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Winter - 2015

Ashley Cain, Lyra Katzman, Jimmy Ma, Emma Krinsky and the Skyliners headline the 2014 Holiday on the Hudson

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Winter -2015

23 SCNY skaters qualify for Nationals

5 Silver Medalists!

Adam Rippon
Senior Men

Gracie Gold
Senior Ladies

SCNY Associate Member

Maia and Alex Shibutani
Senior Dance

Alex is a member of the Arctic FSC

Olivia Serafini
Junior Ladies

Emilia Murdock
Juvenile Girls

Honorable Mentions

Samantha Cesario
Senior Ladies

Christina Carreira
Anthony Ponomarenko

Junior Dance

Anthony is a member of SC San Francisco

Darbie Burke
Griffin Schwab

Novice Pairs

Sara and Howard Zhao
Juvenile Dance

Danielle and Alexander Gamelin - Senior Dance - SEVENTH

Chloe Lewis
Logan Bye

Junior Dance

Chloe is a member of LAFSC

Also Competing

Ashley Cain
Senior Ladies

Grant Hochstein
Senior Men

Jimmy Ma
Senior Men

Brianna Brazee
Junior Ladies

Alexia Paganini
Novice Ladies

Sabrina Piliero
Davis Tong

Intermediate Pairs

Carlie Quesada
Adrian Shin

Intermediate Pairs

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Winter -2015

Lyra Katzman is named to the U.S. Figure Skating Scholastic Honors Program

Associate member and Skyliner Olivia Barbulescu also receives the award

Anne Gerli is inducted into the U.S. Figure Skating 2015 Hall of Fame

Congratulations, Anne!

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Winter - 2015

8 SCNY teams compete at Synchro Sectionals

6 of the teams medal!

Gotham City Synchro - Open Adult - GOLD!

Gotham City Synchro - Masters - BRONZE

The Skyliners - Senior - GOLD!

The Skyliners - Novice - SILVER

The Skyliners - Intermediate - SILVER

The Skyliners - Juvenile -GOLD!

Juvenile sets a record by winning sectionals 6 straight times

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Winter - 2015

Sky Rink hosts the 2015 SCNY Theatrical Showcase

72 skaters and 18 teams participate

The 16th Annual Wollman Open spans two weekends

319 skaters and 6 Basic Skills synchro teams compete

The Rinx hosts its annual basic skills competition

187 skaters participate!

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Winter - 2015

Central Park Ice Open Juvenile performs on Fox & Friends

The Pre-Juvenile line performs at the South Street Seaport

The team finishes the season by winning the Empire Games

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Winter - 2015


6 SCNY teams compete at the U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships

4 of the teams medal!

Gotham City Synchro - Masters - FIFTH

1st - Terry Conners; 2nd - Colonials

The Skyliners - Juvenile - SILVER

1st - Thanksgiving Classic, Colonials and NECC; 2nd - Cape Cod and Porter

First juvenile team to medal 6 times in a row at Nationals

The Skyliners - Intermediate - FIFTH

1st - Thanksgiving Classic, Porter and NECC; 4th - Colonials

The Skyliners - Novice - BRONZE - a "threepeat!"

1st - Thanksgiving, Porter and New England Challenge; 2nd - Colonials

The Skyliners - Junior - GOLD!

1st - Anaheim Classic and Porter; 2nd - New England Challenge

USFS World Junior Team 1

The Skyliners - Senior - BRONZE

1st - Anaheim Classic and Porter. Team USA!

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Winter - 2015

8 consecutive years for Junior, 3 for Senior

Skyliners Senior - 7th Annual Cup of Berlin - FIFTH

Skyliners Junior - 21st Annual French Cup - FIFTH

Skyliners Junior - ISU World Junior Synchro Championships - SIXTH

Team USA Synchro Assignments

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Spring - 2015

7 SCNY skaters participate at Adult Nationals

Roland Jarquio - Gold Dramatic Skate II - GOLD!

Anna Drozda - Silver Ladies I - GOLD!

Tracey Rhodes - Ladies Silver III - PEWTER

Rosalia Palumbo - Adult Silver Dramatic Skate II - PEWTER

Stephanie Hao - Bronze Dramatic Skate I - SILVER

Roland Jarquio - Gold Light Entertainment II - BRONZE

Bradley Erickson - Bronze Light Entertainment III - GOLD!

Roland Jarquio - Gold Men II - PEWTER

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Spring - 2015

The Gamelins announce their retirement from competitive skating

GOLD - Intermediate Dance - Nationals - 2009

BRONZE - Juvenile Dance - Nationals - 2009

GOLD - Senior Dance - Eastern Sectionals - 2015

Congratulations on a fantastic competitive skating career!

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Spring - 2015

Twin Rinks hosts the 2015 SCNY Dance competition

102 entries!

Twin Rinks hosts its first basic skills competition

167 skaters participate!

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Spring - 2015

Samantha Cesario announces her retirement from competitive skating

4th - Junior Worlds (2013)

Three Junior Grand Prix bronzes

5th - US Nationals (2014 and 2015)

4th - Skate America (2015)

2nd - Finlandia Trophy (2015)

Congratulations on a marvelous competitive figure skating career! We will miss your amazing interpretations of Carmen.

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Spring - 2015

USFS promotes three SCNY members to National Officials.

Dana Schiff - National Singles and Pairs Judge

Marc Weitzman - National Singles Technical Specialist

Lauren O'Toole - National Synchronized Skating Technical Specialist

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Spring - 2015

Terri Levine and Denise Beaumont win the 2015 Good Skate Award for service to the NY skating community

Sarah Hughes celebrates an important birthday and is elected to the Women's Sports Foundation Board of Trustees

Lucy Brennan celebrates 50 years as a National Judge

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Spring - 2015

SCNY congratulates its newest USFS gold medalists

Emma Krinsky
Brianna Brazee
Lyra Katzman
Pippa Leigh
Jimmy Ma
Griffin Schwab


Arielle Warren
Victoria Clarke
Paige Kessler 
Aleksandra Brittain 
Olivia Jebrine 
Emma Henderson 

Sarah Kleinman 
Mary-Anne Chen 
Aubrie Roszell 
Adrienne Carhart 
Jordyn Katz 
Isabella Lok 

Olivia Barbulescu
Alexandra Berti
Nicole Brenner
Adira Brown
Suzanne Burns
Tiffany Calderon
Rebecca Cohen
Sean Conlon
Samantha DeRosa
Meera Dhodapkar
Kealani Finegan

Sam Gertler
Riley Goldstein
Ronnit Holder
Samantha Hui
Lyra Katzman
Jane Khin
Sarah Kleinman
Hannah Krutiansky
Ksenia Kudinova
Amanda Lauria
Pippa Leigh

Sarah Little
Catherine Lucey
Virginia Mason
Katrina Melnyk
Deanna Pae
Oceanna Pak
Gabby Perez
Sarah Poretsky
Natasha Rockwell
Aubrie Roszell
Hallie RothSInger

Regina Rubino
Taylor Scarpello
Alyssa Sheridan
Brittney Skarulis
Sara Stuchiner
Natasha Vo
Jessica Weltz
Sydney Wetmore
Hallie Wolff
Kate Worstell
Jordyn Young

And salutes its Graduating Seniors

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The Skating Club of New York

- Second-largest USFS club

- Nearly 1000 members

- 151 years of rich history

CLICK HERE to view a wide-screen version of the slide show with musical accompaniment.

We have striven to be thorough but apologize in advance if we have overlooked or misstated an important SCNY news item or skater accomplishment. If you believe we have, kindly send us an email describing the seeming error or omission and we will address the matter promptly.

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The Skating Club of New York's mission is to provide programs to encourage participation and achievement in the sport of figure skating, to conduct figure skating tests as prescribed by US Figure Skating and to organize and sponsor competitions, exhibitions and clinics. The Skating Club of New York is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit amateur athletic organization and all contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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