83rd Middle Atlantic Figure Skating Championships

09/11/2008 - 09/14/2008

#27 Novice Ladies Final


1Christine Mozer, SC of New York62.891
2Heather-Joy Miller, SC of New York57.482
3Shannon Tarleton, SC of New York55.703
4Brenna Mary Doherty, Columbia FSC (MD)52.114
5Courtney Taylor, SC of New York45.345
6Anam Chaudhry, SC of New York45.226
7Margot Krisberg, Rye FSC43.737
8Jean Huang, SC of New York43.718
9Anna Bernstein, SC of New York43.059
10Brooke Halloran, SC of New York41.2010
11Corinna Lin, SC of New York40.9511
12Annie Mateya, Ice World FSC40.0612

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